Upcoming Main Gallery

Living Aloha:  Hawaii’s Enduring Legacy
October 5, 2018 – January 19, 2019

Hawaii has a lot to offer along with its stunning beauty and mild climate.  Hawaii is one of the most beloved and misunderstood states in the U.S.  Learn about the cultures, history, volcanoes, and spectacular natural environments found on the Islands.  Take a tour of the islands through the evolution of Aloha wear.  This exhibit is not to be missed if you have traveled to Hawaii or hope to in the future.

Russian Retrospective
February 1, 2019 – May 25, 2019
Caribbean (Title to be Determined)
June 7, 2019 – Sept 24, 2019
Day of the Dead Alters (Title to be Determined)
Oct 4, 2019 – Nov 2, 2019
Celebration of Light and Nativities (Title to be Determined)
Nov 15, 2019 – Jan 25, 2020