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Stewart Price Collection

Japanese and Asian artifacts from the Stewart Price Collection are available for purchase with all proceeds supporting cultural exhibits at the Museum.

Stewart Price was an International Educator and Cofounder, Global Village Museum.  Stewart was born and raised in the Chicago area.  He received a teaching degree from Illinois Normal State University, now Illinois State University, and an advanced degree in political science.

At the age of 24 Stewart obtained a teaching job from the Department of Defense Overseas Dependent Schools on the island of Okinawa.  He was then transferred to Air Force schools where he taught English, social studies, and humanities during the day.  In the evening he taught western art history for the University of Maryland’s satellite school in Japan.  When  foreigners were getting specialized training from the Air Force, the families would send their children to these base schools.  During 42 years of service, his class had many foreign nationals.

In addition to Stewart’s experiences in Japan, he taught at the Japanese Gardens in Cambridge, England.  These experiences with diverse cultures made him very curious, tolerant, and nonjudgmental.

After his retirement in 2002, Stewart brought a Korean Granite Lantern (located on GVM’s patio) and many other Japanese, Chinese, and Korean works of art to Fort Collins.  With his love for art and education, Stewart Price became one of the cofounders of the Global Village Museum.  His extensive fine art and folk art collection provided the Museum’s first gallery exhibit, April 2011:  The Splendors of Japan.  When he passed, November 2012, Stewart bequeathed many of his treasures to the Museum, which now can be viewed in the Village Arts gallery or are archived for future exhibits.

Unique artifacts are on sale as a fundraiser for exhibits and programs.

 Name Your Price and take home an exceptional piece from the Stewart Price Collection.

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