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Wild Kingdom Revisited: Warren & Genny Garst International Collection

Feb 6 – Jun 20

Working behind the scenes of Wild Kingdom, Warren Garst is not widely recognized—and his wife, Genny Garst, even less so.  Yet they, as much as anyone else, influenced the growth of the environmental movement.  At a time when wildlife and the environment held little popular interest, Warren became an Associate Producer and Chief Wildlife Photographer for Don Meier Productions, a company formed to produce Mutual of Omaha’s The Wild Kingdom TV series.  Warren was the only person in the company with knowledge of natural history other than the show’s host, Marlin Perkins.  Genny handled most of the logistics of their travels and supported Warren in many ways so he could concentrate on envisioning shows and filming them.

When Warren was first hired, The Wild Kingdom was not expected to last more than a couple of years. The success of the series, however, led it to run for over 25 years with 329 episodes, and it is still showing in syndicate.  Warren and Genny traveled to more than 100 countries and filmed episodes in 31 of them.  The couple loved traveling and interacting with native peoples on location. Genny passed away in July of 2013, but Warren’s eyes still twinkle when he tells stories about their many adventures.

Through their personal snapshots and enlightening journal entries, and Warren’s stunning wildlife photographs, we invite you to transport back to the couple’s adventures as they traveled through six regions of the world.  Enjoy your visit to cultures from hidden corners of the globe.

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