Main Gallery

China’s Imperial Treasures:
Art & Artifacts  
Feb 5 – June 18, 2016

Peruse Chinese artistry through the centuries in Global Village Museum’s Main Gallery exhibit “China’s Imperial Treasures: Art & Artifacts.”  Capture the essence of Chinese culture with unforgettable treasures from the 5 foot jade dragon boat to the minuscule paintings on rice grain’s.

“China’s Imperial Treasures: Art & Artifacts” represents a broad array of treasures portrayed in several different materials such as jade, bronze, porcelain, silk, agate, silver, ivory, and wood. Rich with traditional motifs, scenes from daily life, and cultural symbolism each treasure in will provide an awe-inspiring visit to China within Fort Collins. Exhibit ends June 18, 2016.
Schedule a Tour with Walter Huang
Walter Huang, collector and curator of China’s Imperial Treasures, wants you to get up close and personal with his stunning collection of art and artifacts.  Upon request Walter is available for private tours for 5 – 10 people. Gather your family and friends for this in-depth and informative excursion into Chinese history and culture.  Call Dawn or LaVon to schedule your tour today!

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