Main Gallery

Serve It Up!  International Utensils
June 1 – Sept 22, 2018


Serve It Up!  International Utensils
  showcases more than 600 cooking, drinking, and eating utensils from around the world.  From old-fashioned butter churns and food grinders to exotic drinking vessels and baking implements, Serve It Up! will captivate both the expert chef and the everyday cook.  This sizzling display includes international table settings and unique utensils, a country home kitchen, a kids’ kitchen, along with global cookbooks for the cosmopolitan tongue.  For those with culinary curiosity, identify mysterious utensils, collect international recipes, or “sniff and guess” spices.

Upcoming Main Gallery Exhibit

Living Aloha:  Hawai’i’s Enduring Legacy
Oct 5 – Jan 19

Immerse yourself in the fascinating history and culture of the US’s 50th State!  Living Aloha will expand your thinking about Hawai’i beyond what most people experience when they visit. Anyone who loves Hawai’i or who plans to visit (or revisit) will want to take time to learn more about the culture and arts. Programs include expert speakers on the history, the diverse and unique ecology of the islands, recent eruptions by the Kilauea volcano and of course the music and dance of Hawai’i that is associated so closely to our imaginings these beautiful tropical islands.  Come live the Aloha!