Hall Gallery

Peaces of the World:
Uniting Humanity One Peace at a Time
Oct 3 – Feb 28, 2015

What does peace mean to you? What does it mean to people throughout the world? Come and explore our universal need for peace.  Peaces of the World shares perspectives of peace and portraits from around the world.

Gretchen Johnson photographer and explorer spent a year traveling the globe searching for the meaning of peace.  She interviewed hundreds of people from all walks of life and asked the simple question of what peace means to them.  The world needs to see what she found, so she created Peaces of the World.

After earning a degree in geography at the University of Colorado, Gretchen spent two years in Cote d’Ivoire as a Peace Corps volunteer. Her commitment to connect people with each other and nature led to her career as a park ranger and wildlife biologist in Hawaii.  Following her passion for world peace she embarked on a yearlong journey creating Peaces of the World.  She currently resides in Fort Collins.