Egypt: Gift of the Nile
Main Gallery
March 3 – June 17, 2017

“Egypt ~ Gift of the Nile” at the Global Village Museum of Arts and Cultures is an exhibit of  unique art and artifacts include Egyptian wedding jewelry, camel saddles, papyrus prints and illustrations, exquisite inlaid treasure boxes, textiles and clothing, furniture, and a replica of the Rosetta Stone.  Visitors will learn about ancient Egypt through its pharaohs, temples, mummification processes, and hieroglyphics.

Painting the World Beautiful
Hall Gallery
January 6 – July 29, 2017

Painting the World Beautiful  transforms the Museum’s Hall Gallery into a panorama of breathtaking scenes from around the world.  On display are the exquisite works of three local artists:  Don Vogl, Rosalie “Rosie” Sinnett, and Joe Flores.

Permanent Exhibit
The Mundoville Gallery of International Folk Art in Miniature features the world in miniature. The collection was donated by the late Jeanne Nash, a founding member of the Museum. Nash donated her entire collection to the Museum which comprises over 21 miniature houses, multiple small-scale scene replications and hundreds of international folk dolls representing eras, people, and cultures from around the globe.  In addition there are numerous related life-size items. Many objects in the collection are hand-made from natural materials.

Village Arts Gallery
Permanent Exhibit

Village Arts Gallery is the home to world folk art, fine art, and artifacts all donated by local collectors and founding members.  The collection represents ancient, traditional, and contemporary cultures with emphasis on Africa, Asia, and Oceania.  Scan the QR codes in the exhibit and view the story behind the artifact narrated by John Roberts. 

Kodomo No Hi ~ Japanese Children’s Day
Studio Gallery
Opening Soon

In honor of Children’s Day, a Japanese national holiday Kodomo no Hi on May 5, the Museum features Japanese hina dolls in traditional display.  The holiday celebrates happiness for children and promotes respect for parents.

Hall of International Textiles

Hall of International Textiles has unique hand-stitched and woven textiles and wall hangings: applique, batik, cross-stitched, embroidered, beaded, and hand painted.