Alaska – Enduring Traditions
Main Gallery
June 6 – September 20



Discover the diversity of the different cultural groups in Alaska through their hunting, fishing, home life, uses for walrus ivory, and celebrations. Featured items include a five-foot whale baleen, a walrus oosik, traditional attire such as parkys and mukluks, unique children’s toys, and handmade tools of bone, ivory, oosik, and wood. A photo medley provides a window into Alaskan traditional lifestyles.

Small Faces ~ Cultural Masks & Heads
Hall Gallery

April 4 – November 1

This gallery features various sizes of masks and miniature heads from all around the world giving you a glimpse into other eras, cultures, and identities. Special artifacts include head fragments from
Roman–Egyptian era from 300 BC. This exhibit features artist such as Francisco “Paco” Sainz who originated in Spain but settled later in New York and Sutarja who was from Bali and his art is carried on through his wife and 12 children. A majority of the false faces represents a human face but animal faces are also represented. Whether used for ceremonial dances, theater, or religious beliefs each mask and head is unique. Artifacts for this exhibit were collected from the Global Village Museum community.

Mundoville Gallery
International Folk Art in Miniatures
Permanent Exhibit

The Mundoville Gallery of International Folk Art in Miniature features
the world in miniature. The collection was donated by the late Jeanne
Nash, a founding member of the Museum. Nash donated her entire
collection to the Museum which comprises over 21 miniature houses,
multiple small-scale scene replications and hundreds of international
folk dolls representing eras, people, and cultures from around the globe.
In addition there are numerous related life-size items. Many objects in
the collection are hand-made from natural materials.

Village Arts Gallery
Permanent Exhibit

Rejuvenated on April 4 by a guest curator Kaia Renouf. For this project John Roberts brought his favorite pieces from his loft to put in the gallery. Kaia, a Front Range Community College
student of Anthropology, has brought to life the story behind John’s artifacts orally by using your own smart phone or tablet utilizing Quick Return scan technology or QR codes.

Upcoming Exhibitions:

Mexico: Objects for Living, Objects for Life
Main Gallery
Friday, October 3, 2014 – Saturday, January 24, 2015

Mexico is a country rich in history and traditions, this exhibit explores the artistic, religious, and everyday items created and used by its diverse population.  Learn about our closest neighboring country and reflect on the colorful and creative expressions of its varied cultures.

Peaces of the World:  Uniting Humanity one peace at a time
Hall Gallery
Friday, November 7, 2014 – Saturday, Feburary 28, 2015

What does peace mean to you? What does it mean to people throughout the world?  Come and explore our universal need for peace.  Peaces of the World shares perspectives of peace and portraits from around the world.

Gretchen Johnson photographer and explorer spent a year traveling the globe searching for the meaning of peace.  She interviewed hundreds of people from all walks of life and asked a simple question of what peace means to them.  The world needs to see what she found, so she created Peaces of the World.

Wild Kingdom Collection of Warren and Genny Garst
Main Gallery

Friday, February 6, 2015 – Saturday, May 23, 2015

Women of the World
Hall Gallery

Friday, March 7, 2015 – Saturday, August 29, 2015