Engaging and educational tours are a popular mainstay at the Global Village Museum of Arts and Cultures.  For just $1/youth (ages 12 and under) or $3/youth (ages 13 and up), & $3/Seniors, a Museum tour is the perfect outing for curious and energetic minds.  As a bonus, three aides are admitted free.

Tours are welcome Tuesday through Saturday from 11 am to 4 pm.  As part of the tour, youth can enjoy a scavenger hunt for gnomes as well as play musical instruments from around the world. 

For reservations, please call Dawn Behr, the Museum’s Administrative Assistant, at 970-221-4600.

The Culture Kit Program creates “Portable Museums” – large carrying cases filled with intriguing, relevant, and meaningful items on a specific topic across many cultures.  Designed primarily for elementary and middle school students, the kits emphasize and celebrate diversity through a universal and unifying theme.  These multi-cultural and multi-dimensional resources are used by public and private school educators as well as home school associations.  The kits provide researched information on the various objects, maps, books, and teacher suggestions for activities in different age groups.  The kits augment a student’s curriculum and provide hands-on interaction with both familiar and unfamiliar objects, thus bridging the gap between cultures.  Each kit can be used independently or in conjunction with other kits.


Each exhibit we have programs with Experts or College Professors giving informational and educational lecture on various subjects.  Each program usually 4 per exhibit are only $5 unless your a member and then they are free.

Each exhibit is carefully put together to be both visually interesting and informational about the subject.  You will not walk out without learning something new.

For Youth we make sure we have a few activities such as scavenger hunt and playing international instruments.