"79% of Americans have said they'd rather have a charitable gift given in their name than receive a gift they wouldn't use." –

Consider a gift to the Global Village Museum in the name of a friend or family member!

Donations can be delivered by mail or in person to 
200 W Mountain Ave Fort Collins, CO 80521.

The Global Village Museum of Arts and Cultures is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with an endowment account through the Community Foundation of Northern Colorado.  Donations are tax deductible.  Please contact the Director at 970.221.4600 or for more details.


The Museum’s collection includes hundreds of ethnographic items, art, and archaeological objects from around the world.  Objects represent many historical periods and a myriad of world cultures that illustrate the diversity of ancient and traditional techniques and materials used by people from every continent.  The Museum collaborates with private collectors to enhance exhibits and expand educational opportunities.  Previous exhibits at the Museum have showcased many pieces of these collections, including the Tibet:  Rooftop of the World, Wonders of West Africa, and The Splendors of Japan exhibitions.

Donations of art, artifacts, and reference books are welcome.  Prospective gifts are evaluated by the Collections Committee to ensure that object(s) complement the collection, are well documented, and in good condition.  If you have an object to donate, please contact the Museum's Director at 970.221.4600 or and include a photograph and description of the object(s), including size, condition, age/history, and
how you came to own the piece.

Image Courtesy of Mike Barry, Fort Collins Photo Works

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