Mundoville Gallery

Mundoville Gallery  of International Folk Art in Miniature features displays of more than 100 miniature houses and dolls in picturesque scenes portraying the everyday activities of people worldwide.

Youth activities in this gallery include a scavenger hunt and “Find the Gnomes.”

Donated by the late Jeanne Nash, the collection contains multiple small-scale scenes and hundreds of folk dolls representing eras, people, and cultures from around the globe.  The newest addition to our collection is Losel Dolls made by Tibetan Monks. 

Jeanne Nash had a dream to create a “world village” when she opened Mundoville Museum in 2006 in her house.  Her mission was to promote understanding and appreciation of all peoples and cultures through miniatures and folk dolls.  She felt if people learned about other cultures, they would see there are more similarities than differences which “would lead to less conflict in the world.”

Tibetan House
Peruvian Arpilleras
Perez Family Casa
Adobe House
Afghan Bird Seller
Kuker Dancer
Mundoville Home