Culture Kit Program

The Culture Kit Program creates “Portable Museums” – large carrying cases filled with intriguing, relevant, and meaningful items on a specific topic across many cultures.  Designed primarily for elementary and middle school students, the kits emphasize and celebrate diversity through a universal and unifying theme.  These multi-cultural and multi-dimensional resources are used by public and private school educators as well as home school associations.  The kits provide researched information on the various objects, maps, books, and teacher suggestions for activities in different age groups.  The kits augment a student’s curriculum and provide hands-on interaction with both familiar and unfamiliar objects, thus bridging the gap between cultures.  Each kit can be used independently or in conjunction with other kits.

We asked local teachers and home school parents what they wanted, and the Museum assembled kits based on their needs:

  • Water Consumption and Conservation: United States and Africa
  • World Beliefs
  • Traditions and Heritage
  • Storytelling
  • Recycling; Art & Environment
  • Canada
  • Traditions through Dress

An informational folder with each Kit includes:

  1. Objectives of the Kit;
  2. Descriptions of each artifact;
  3. Questions to brainstorm;
  4. Hands-on classroom activity; and
  5. Supplies and materials for activities.

If you would like to check a Kit out please contact Dawn or Gayle at 970-221-4600 or email

Volunteer Culture Kit Program Team

  • Ruth Lieurance -I’ve lived in Colorado 39 years, 26 of them in Fort Collins.  I’ve been an Early Childhood teacher all my adult life and love working with children. I’m a CASA mentor, work with homeless prevention through Neighbor 2 Neighbor and pack and deliver school bags for PSD students.  I love the outdoors! 
  • Susan Rayner -I am a transplant from New Jersey, arriving about 3 years ago.  I spent my career as a librarian in public libraries, the last 33 years in the same library, which is a testament to what wonderful clients I had.  I love the sunshine in Colorado, the wide variety of volunteer activities and the open and friendly residents.
  • Wendy DuBord – Moved to Steamboat Springs, Colorado in 1976.  We raised our daughter enjoying everything outdoors,especially skiing.  I worked  in City Government at the City of Steamboat Springs  for over 20 year starting as an administrative assistant and  finally retiring as City Manager.  We moved to Fort Collins where we enjoy the easier winters, wonderful people and volunteering for several organizations.
  • Kathy Dickson – has lived in Ft Collins for 40 years. Retired from
    > teaching at the elementary level, she continues to enjoy volunteering in
    > classrooms and working on educational projects.

By the end of 2019, we are hoping to have 15 kits assembled.  You can sponsor a kit for $50.  Your sponsorship will help with materials, research, and design.

To sponsor a kit email ( or mail (200 W Mountain Ave Fort Collins CO  80521) a check with information below:

Culture Kit Sponsorship


Name on Kit  (if you would like it to be in honor of someone):





Preference for Type of Kit you Sponsor?

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